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Plumbing and Heating Specialist:

Our specialist team at Glentan Heating allow us to provide all homeowners with all of their plumbing and heating needs. 

We have an extensive range of plumbing and heating services to suit all of your needs. It is of great importance that your heating and plumbing services are up and running properly. Both plumbing and heating play a vital role in providing the comfort within your home. Also, it can be extremely dangerous having a heating issue and leaving it unresolved. A working heating and plumbing system prevents any discomfort as well as any inconveniences and keeps your home environment safe. 

Being without a boiler, for instance, would mean your home is unable to provide you with heated radiators and heated water. This would be highly inconvenient as well as uncomfortable. As well as this, an issue such as a gas leak can be extremely dangerous to the human body and must be fixed immediately before any damage occurs. 


When it comes to plumbing within your home, it is highly important that you have constant access to clean, fresh water.
We are extremely lucky as residents in Essex, as we do not have the inconvenience and upset of having to go without clean water each day. This is often something that is taken for granted. A lack of access to clean, fresh water can be extremely hazardous to our health, making it important to have a clean, fresh, working water system.
At Glentan Heating, we know exactly how important it is that your plumbing system is working correctly within your home. Our specialist plumbers can make sure that all of your taps are working, ensuring there are no leaks. We can also install any type of water appliance you need within your property, making sure on installation that it is properly sealed and working as it should be.
No plumbing job is ever too big or too small for us; we are here to provide you with professional advice and exceptional plumbing work. 


The comfort you feel within your home relies massively on a working heating system. In order to ensure the temperature within your home is kept to a reasonable level, you must have a working boiler. Your boiler has multiple functions within your home. It ensures the internal temperature of your property is maintained as well as providing heated water through the taps when necessary. 
At Glentan Heating, we pride ourselves in the range of heating services we provide. We can help you with any problem involving your heating system. We are able to make new boiler installations, boiler repairs, boiler servicing, and most importantly, we can offer you expert advice 24hrs a day. We will always provide you with the relevant certification confirming that your boiler is working correctly and in the safest manner. 

If you are looking for a specialist to help you with your heating system in the Essex area, look no further than Glentan Heating. Call 07805362426 today for any more information on our plumbing and heating services. 


We are located in Chelmsford, Essex, and cover the wider area. For more information, contact us on 07805362426 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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